What Are Some Wood Ceiling Materials?

wood-ceiling-materials Credit: Spaces Images/Blend Images/Getty Images

Do It Yourself states that the type of wood most often selected for use on home ceilings is pine. However, it describes other woods, such as cherry or cypress, as giving a more distinctive look. Since a ceiling isn't subject to the heavy use that a floor receives, there are more wood-ceiling options to choose from.

According to Do It Yourself, ceilings made from wood tiles are simpler to install than those made from wood planks. Wood tiles are available in a wide variety of wood types with many different styles and designs, but wood planks provide a more dramatic result.

This Old House recommends using wood paneling to achieve the classic look and feel of a New England cottage. Wood paneling is available that is made of plywood. Other wood paneling is made of solid wood or solid-wood tongue-and-groove board paneling, depending on the look desired and budget.

It suggests choosing a wood ceiling in the plywood category manufactured by Georgia-Pacific called Ply-Bead. This wood product provides the look of a classic beadboard ceiling. This Old House recommends first applying a primer over the plywood paneling and then applying an opaque stain, which allows the wood grain to show through.