What Are Some Wood-Burning Stoves You Can Buy on Amazon?


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Amazon sells more than 25 wood-burning stoves for varied uses, as of early 2016, including portable camping stoves, backpack stoves, full-size cook stoves, wood-burning hearths and miniature dollhouse "wood-burning" stoves designed after vintage models. Amazon also sells a kit to turn a 50-gallon steel drum into a wood-burning barrel stove for exterior use.

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La Nordica makes a range of high-end in-home cook stoves that Amazon makes available. Napoleon Fireplaces manufactures a wood-burning cast-iron fireplace insert. EIALA sells a camp stove that heats water with twigs. Models range from under $25 dollars for camp stoves to thousands of dollars for cast-iron heating and cooking hearths.

The simplest portable camp stoves are stainless steel, lightweight and often collapsible, and the users can fire them up with dry leaves, pine cones, twigs, small branches and wood sticks. The most elaborate wood-burning stoves are elegant vintage-style, cast-iron bake ovens and cook tops finished with copper, brass and colored enamel. These stoves also heat rooms in a home.

Heating stoves typically have pipe vents to funnel smoke outside, and draft controls to regulate fuel burning speed. A single fueling may last for eight to 10 hours. Large cook stoves burn about 5 pounds of wood per hour, according to manufacturer La Nordica.

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