Why Won't the Washing Machine Spin?

A washing machine can stop spinning due to a variety of problems such as a stuck or broken drive belt, a frozen pump pulley or belt or a lid switch that has stopped working. Other common problems include a motor coupler or clutch that has worn out.

To check if the drive belt is broken, open the washing machine and try to turn the drum. An intact belt drive provides some resistance, but if the drum turns easily, it could indicate that the belt is broken and needs to be replaced. The problem can also lie with the pump pulley or belt getting frozen or worn out and in either case, it needs to be replaced. Another reason why a washing machine stops spinning is when the lid switch does not work. To check the switch, remove the top of the washer and press the switch while the machine is plugged in. If it does not click, it needs to be changed.

A drive motor agitates the clothes in one direction and spins them in the opposite direction. Sometimes the clothes may not move in both directions if the motor is partially burned out. If that is the case, the entire motor needs to be replaced. Some other problems that can cause a washing machine to not spin are a worn out motor coupler or clutch. The latter helps the machine reach the ideal spin speed required for certain cycles.