Why Won't My Toro Lawnmower Start?

Fresh fuel is a key to quick starting of a Toro lawn mower, according to the company's website. As gasoline sits in the fuel tank, the more volatile compounds tend to evaporate. Emptying the tank and refilling with fresh gasoline often solves the problem of a mower that does not start. At the end of the mowing season, any remaining fuel should be emptied from the tank.

Mowers start easier when the spark plug is in good condition. If the machine is still difficult to start, replacing the spark plug makes it easier for it to ignite the fuel mix. After replacing the plug, it is essential to replace the spark plug wire or the machine will not start.

A clean air filter is necessary to provide the right fuel-to-air ratio. If the filters are dirty, machines are harder to start. Manufacturers design foam air filters for easy cleaning. Paper filters require replacement when dirty.

Some Toro mowers have electric starters. The manufacturer recommends charging the battery for these units at the beginning and end of the mowing season. If the engine seems to turn slowly upon activation of the ignition switch, try charging the battery. New Toro mowers have the fuse removed for safety. Installation is necessary for both charging and starting the machine.