Why Won't My Leaf Blower Start?

A gas leaf blower may not start if it is out of fuel or it is flooded. Other reasons for starting failure include a kink in the gas line, a dirty fuel filter or bad spark plugs. A lack of power causes an electric leaf blower to not start.

Check the fuel tank on a gas leaf blower to make sure it is full, and fill it up, if needed, with the appropriate fuel. If it’s flooded, wait a little while for the fuel lines to clear before trying to restart. If there is a kink in the gas line, straighten it out, and clean the fuel filter or change the spark plugs.

Ensure the power cord is plugged all the way into the outlet for an electric leaf blower, and check the circuit breakers if it still does not start. If none of these actions work, take the unit to a service professional.

Other problems with leaf blowers include the inability to accelerate because of a clogged filter, limited air delivery because of a loose or broken impeller and too much vibration due to loose fasteners on the impeller. All of these additional issues can occur in both gas-powered and electric leaf blowers.