Why Won't My Kenmore Washer Drain?

A Kenmore washer may fail to drain due to blocked hoses, clogged drain traps and pump failures. The drain hose is the first thing to check when a washer does not drain. It is the most common cause and the easiest to solve.

Water may not drain optimally if the hose was improperly installed. Additionally, large collections of water can cause the hose to shift and make the problem worse. Disconnect the drain hose, and clear any debris from inside the hose. Then, reconnect it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If a clogged drain hose it not the problem, the issue may be a clogged drain trap. Drain traps collect items that have been flushed through drain cycles and are normally located near the drain pump of the washer. Proper maintenance of the drain trap protects the washing machine’s pump. Remove the drain trap according to the manufacturer's instructions. Clear any waste materials that might be causing the problem and replace it.

If after checking the drain hose and trap, the washer is still not draining, there may be a malfunctioning drain pump. If the drain pump is the culprit, the best solution is to contact a licensed repair technician to replace the part.