Why Won't My Electric Dryer Start?

It could be that a defective door switch is a possible issue. A broken push-start switch is also a likely culprit. A problem with the thermal fuse is an issue with broken dryers. The drive motor, and main control board, are two other problems with a defective system. The timer of the motor is also a possibility. A terminal block problem is indication of larger wiring problems.

The door switch is responsible for turning on the dryer when the door is closed, and it is found behind the front panel. The push-start switch is different than the door switch, and it is responsible for sending the dryer into the tumble mode when pushed. A broken drive motor prevents the dryer drum from moving, usually resulting in a humming sound.

The circuit board, or main control panel, also needs to be checked. Burn marks on the circuit board, or around the system, is indication of the problem. Replacing the circuit board gets the dryer running. A terminal block ties the dryer wiring to the power cord. Loose connections cause overheating, and this is a fire hazard.

The timer is important because it is connected to the heat circuit, dryer motor and timer motor. A timer that is broken prevents power from reaching the drive motor.