How Do You Wire a Wall Light?


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To wire a wall light, you need a drill, switch boxes, a keyhole saw, a wire coat hanger, a sharp knife or wire stripper and wire nuts. Start with checking the local wiring codes. Next, choose a type of bulb. The most common choices for bulbs are incandescent, fluorescent and halogen.

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How Do You Wire a Wall Light?
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  1. Cut openings into the wall

    Trace the box with a pencil on the wall. Follow the pencil mark to cut a hole into the wall. Choose an octagon box for installing a fixture in the ceiling. Recessed light fixtures do not require a box.

  2. Connect the wiring

    Use a fish tape to install the wire between the power source and the boxes. Make sure the circuit can support additional load. Next, extend the wire to the switch and light fixture. The size of the new wire depends on the fuse or circuit breaker size. Connect the black wire to the wall switch. Use a wire nut to connect the white wire coming from the power supply to the white wire from the light fixture.

  3. Test the new wall light

    Now it is time to turn on and test the new wall light. Check the wiring again if the light does not turn on.

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