How Do You Wire a Two-Way Light Switch?

In order to wire a two-way switch, a current tester, wire cutters, strippers, caps, a two-way switch and basic electrical knowledge are required. A two-way switch offers several benefits to the home, such as allowing one switch to control both a ceiling fan's light brightness level and blade speed.

  1. Turn the power off
  2. Before working on any electric source, turn the power off at the main box.

  3. Use a grounding wire or strap
  4. Use a grounding wire or grounding strap for added safety. The grounding wire or strap directs current in another direction and prevents serious injury.

  5. Identify the electrical wires
  6. Remove the faceplate with a screwdriver to expose the existing switch. Use a current tester to test each wire. The wires consist of a black positive, white negative and either a yellow, green with yellow stripe or a bare copper ground wire.

  7. Wire the new switch
  8. Remove the old switch. Use wire strippers and cutters if needed to loosen the wires from the existing switch. Strip the wires at the ends for a good connection before attaching them to the new switch. The new switch offers corresponding wire colors, so connect the white to the white and black to the black. Splice the red wire to the black wire and use a wire cap to secure the connection.