How Do You Wire a Two-Gang Switch?

How Do You Wire a Two-Gang Switch?

To wire a two-gang switch, join the live wires with a single connector, repeat the same for the black and ground wires, and attach the wires to their respective terminals in the switch. Before you begin, disconnect the power supply to the room to avoid electrocution.

  1. Turn off the power, and pull the wires

    Switch off the power supply to the room where you intend to wire the switch, and check the wires with a voltage meter to ensure they are current free. Use pliers to pull the electric cords from the wall, and strip off an inch of insulation at the end of each cord with wire strippers.

  2. Attach the cords to the switch

    Join the white wires with a single connector, bind them with electrical tape, push them into the switch box, and repeat the process for the ground and black wires. Screw the ground wires onto the earth terminal inside the switch, attach the white wires to the metal screws containing a bridge between them and the black wires to the screws that lack a bridge.

  3. Attach the switch to the box

    Once the wires are securely attached to the terminals, fasten the switch onto the box with screws, and protect the switch with a cover plate. Switch on the power, and test the switch.