How Do You Wire a Toggle Switch?

How Do You Wire a Toggle Switch?

To wire a toggle switch, shut off the power, drill a hole for the toggle switch, cut the wires, twist the matching ones together, and solder the wires. You need a soldering iron, a power drill, diagonal cutters, wire nuts and wire strippers.

  1. Turn off the power

    Unscrew the housing of the device after turning off the power.

  2. Drill a hole

    Drill a hole into the device of the toggle switch. Make sure that the hole matches the size of the toggle switch.

  3. Cut the wires

    Remove all screws that cover the wires. Place the power input cord in the device, and cut the wires with diagonal cutters. Cut away a piece of insulation from each end using wire strippers, and connect these wires to the black wires.

  4. Wire the toggle switch

    Make sure that the insulation is 3/4 inches thick. Twist one wire over the cut ones, and make certain that there is no exposed wiring. Look for the screws that match the color of the wires.

  5. Install the toggle switch

    Tie together the ends of the black wires to two out of three of the toggle switch terminals. Ensure that the connections are positioned at the center of the terminal.

  6. Solder the wires

    Use a soldering iron and a piece of solder to prevent the wires from coming loose.