How Do You Wire Terminal Blocks?

In order to properly wire terminal blocks, the correct type must be chosen, which varies according to the type of application for which it is being used. The terminal block must then have each wire correctly installed into it, which can vary according to whether or not the terminal block is a screw-in or plug type unit. Plug type units are generally used for higher voltage applications.

After choosing the correct terminal block, the wires can be correctly installed. The following instructions explain how to install a terminal block into a plug based system.

  1. Install the wires into each correct plug
  2. The male plugs will easily enter into each female plug. Connect every male plug into its respective female plug.

  3. Ensure the terminal box is held in place
  4. Mount the terminal box into its proper location.

These instructions explain how to wire a screw-in connection terminal block.

  1. Strip the wire ends
  2. On screw-in connections, the ends of the wires will need to be stripped. Allow up to an inch of wire for each end.

  3. Wrap the wires around the mounting screws
  4. Take each wire and insert it into the terminal ports. Tighten the screws on the wires so they thread them into place. Ensure each wire is tight for the best connection.