How Do You Wire a Subpanel?


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To wire a subpanel, first consult with an inspector to ensure the panel does not overload, then turn off the electricity, mount the subpanel box, clamp and pull the wires to the subpanel and connect the new circuits. Use a larger box than necessary so that future circuits can be added.

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  1. Mount the subpanel
  2. Begin by turning off the electricity. Mount the subpanel about 1 foot away from the main panel, and pull the wires from the new feeder cable through one of the knockouts. Clamp the wires.

  3. Route and connect the ground and neutral wires
  4. At the main panel, plan the route for the wires around the perimeter, and then pull the wires through a knockout. Connect the ground and neutral wires to their bus bars.

  5. Route and connect the red and black wires
  6. Cut and strip the red and black wires, connect them to the feeder breaker and attach the breaker at the main panel.

  7. Connect the wires at the subpanel
  8. At the subpanel, connect both the red and black wires to the hot bus bar. Connect the ground to the ground bus bar, and connect the neutral to the neutral terminal.

  9. Connect the circuits
  10. To connect the new circuits, run and clamp the cable, connect the ground to the ground bus bar, the white wire to the neutral bus bar and the hot wire to an open circuit.

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