How Do You Wire a Security Light?

wire-security-light Credit: Parry Mastrovito/Image Source/Getty Images

To wire a security light, turn the current off, assemble the light, and make the proper wire connections. Always use the utmost level of caution when dealing with electricity, and do not hesitate to contact a professional electrician for help.

  1. Assemble the security light

    Use a circuit tester to make sure that the current has been shut off before wiring your security light. Put the security light together before inserting the wire through the base of the mount, and screw the base onto the fixture. Slip the wires through a rubber gasket so that no moisture seeps onto the wires.

  2. Connect the wiring

    Connect the white wire of the lighting kit to the matching wire of your house before using a wire nut to secure the connection. Next, connect the black wires together before you connect the grounding wires. If you don't have a ground wire, you can use the electrical box instead.

  3. Push the wires into the box

    Once all of the connections have been made, gently position the wires in the box before screwing the fixture securely in place. Turn the power back on, and position the light before tightening up the screws. Test the security light by attempting to switch it on.