How Do You Wire a Pool Pump Timer?

To install a pool pump timer, begin by finding an appropriate location for the timer, removing two knockouts, adding thermal adapters and connecting a conduit from the breaker box to the timer. You need the timer and box, mounting screws, a drill, two 1/2-inch NPT thermal adaptors, 1/2-inch electrical conduit, strong cutters, a screwdriver and wire cables. If you are not comfortable working with electricity, contact a professional.

  1. Install the timer box

    Find a location in an area near the pool equipment but away from water sources to avoid damage. Screw the box onto a hard surface with the appropriate surface mounting screws. When secure, remove the black insulator panel in the timer box.

  2. Remove two knockouts

    The knockouts are located at the bottom of the timer box. Remove two knockouts, as one leads to the pool equipment, and the other leads to the pool's breaker power box.

  3. Attach thermal adapters

    Connect a 1/2-inch NPT thermal adapter to each of the knockouts on the timer box.

  4. Connect a conduit

    Turn off the power at the breaker box before you begin any work. Measure the distance from the timer box to the breaker box, and cut a 1/2-inch electrical conduit to that length. Push the three wire cables through the conduit and into the timer box. Connect the conduit to the thermal adapter.

  5. Fasten the wires

    Attach the green ground wire to the green screw on the pool timer. Find the input power cables that stem from the breaker box, and attach one to terminal one and the other to terminal three on the timer.

  6. Affix a second conduit

    Measure a second conduit from the pool equipment to the timer box. Feed the three cables through the conduit from the equipment to the timer box. Connect the conduit to the other thermal adapter on the timer box. Connect the green ground wire to the green screw. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver. Hook up the other two cables to terminal two and terminal four. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver on each of the four terminals. The wiring is now complete. Finish by screwing the black insulator back onto the timer.