How Do You Wire a Motor Starting Capacitor?


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To wire a motor starting capacitor, connect the motor's positive terminal to the resistor and connect one of the resistor's terminals to the capacitor. Identify the manufacturer-defined start, run and common connections from the appliance's wiring diagram, find the capacitor's negative terminal, and connect it to a switch.

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The start connection on a capacitor initiates and commands a set of connections that culminate in its winding. Some motors have a switch on the rotor and a pair of closed connections while the motor is not running. To wire this type of motor, take one wire, put it on the start cap and wire the cap to that contact. To test out the wiring, open and close the switch repeatedly.

Prior to testing a motor starting capacitor's wiring, check to ensure that the appliance's negative terminal is properly attached to a switch. The blue wire of some capacitors go to one section of the run cap, while the brown wire is connected to the active and the black connects to the neutral. The brown wire and the active are connected to the other part of the cap. Check the connection by checking for any smoke while running it for a short time with a hand on the power switch.

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