How Do You Wire a Motion Detector?

To wire a motion detector, connect the ground wire on the fixture to the ground wire on the electrical box, the neutral wire to the neutral wire, and the hot wire to the hot wire. Adjust the sensor and settings after mounting the fixture to the wall.

  1. Turn off the power

    Turn off the switch in the breaker that supplies power to the installation location.

  2. Make sure the power is off

    Connect one probe of a voltage tester to the bare copper or green ground wire. Connect the other probe to the black hot wire followed by the white neutral wire. Check the tester to ensure the power is off.

  3. Install a new electrical box

    Use the building codes of your area to determine if the current electrical box at the installation location is an appropriate size. Install a new box if needed.

  4. Mount the fixture

    Use the instructions of the manufacturer as a guide, and mount the motion detector halfway.

  5. Connect the wires

    Pass the wires of the detector through the gasket. Connect the ground, hot and neutral wires between the detector and the electrical box. Cover the connections with wire connectors.

  6. Secure the fixture

    Position the fixture over the installation hole, and ensure the gasket rests between the fixture and the wall. Tighten the screws on the fixture, and apply silicone caulk to the edges of the gasket.