How Do I Wire a Hot Point Stove?

How Do I Wire a Hot Point Stove?

Retailers commonly sell electric stoves without the power cord. In 1996, a revision to the electrical code began requiring the use of a four-wire cord, which includes a ground wire. Wiring with this cord improves your safety.

  1. Remove the access panel

    Most manufacturers attach the cover with a single hex screw. Once you remove the screw, lift the panel to remove the tab holding the cover to the opposite side into the stove and set it aside.

  2. Remove the screws and grounding strip

    Remove all the hex screws from the terminal block. Remove the green hex screw found underneath the block. If the stove has a small copper strip running from the terminal block to the green screw, remove the strip. It is for grounding the stove with the three-wire setup.

  3. Install the strain relief connector

    The strain relief connector prevents users from accidentally pulling the terminals from the block. Remove the screws that hold it together and insert each half into the hole through which the cord passes. Thread the cord through the connector. Insert screws and tighten the connector.

  4. Attach the wires

    Connect the white wire to the center screw of the terminal block. Connect the green wire to the stove body using the green screw. Connect the red wire to an outer screw of the terminal block and the black wire to the remaining screw. Tighten each hex screw until snug. Replace the terminal cover and plug in the stove.