How Do You Wire a Ground Fault Interrupter Outlet?


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Wire a ground fault interrupter circuit by matching the color codes and connecting the wires from the circuit breaker to the GFI outlet wires the manufacturer labels line. Protect other outlets on the circuit by connecting them to the load wires. Use wire nuts to make the connections, and wrap them in electrical tape for additional security. Connect the ground wire to the green ground screw.

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Before beginning any work on a home electrical system, turn off the circuit breaker, and confirm the power is off by testing the circuit. Remove the outlet cover and the old outlet. Remove the wires from the old outlet by loosening the screws or pressing the release mechanism.

A GFI circuit provides protection from electrocution in wet areas. The device senses the imbalance in electrical power and activates a circuit breaker in the outlet to prevent shock. These devices should be installed in any area where moisture could be a problem, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages.

After completing the installation, turn on the circuit breaker, and test the GFI outlet. Plug a lamp into the outlet, and turn it on to ensure the outlet has power. If the lamp does not illuminate, press the red reset button on the outlet. Press the black test button, and the red one should pop out immediately if the plug is working correctly. Reset the GFI before use.

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