How Do You Wire a Goodman Heat Pump?

Wiring a Goodman heater involves connecting two wiring sources. The high voltage source runs the unit while the low voltage source manages the unit from a controlling device. To begin the operation, disconnect the power supply.

First, pass the high voltage wires through the high voltage electric knockout on the side of the heat pump and secure them. The wires should be cut to 8 inches and the coverings stripped off by 1/2 inch.

Next, find the ground lug-on unit in the electric compartment. Loosen the terminal and slide the ground wire, identified with a green color, under the terminal. Screw the terminal back in place after this.

Find the contractor in the high-voltage compartment with terminals labelled L1, L2, T1 and T2. Three phase units have an extra terminal named L3. Loosen the L1 terminal and slide one of the high voltage wires under it. Repeat the same procedure for terminals L2 and L3.

Next, pass the low voltage wire through the low voltage knockout. The wire should be an 18 gauge with seven conductors colored differently for identification. Expose 10 inches of each conductor from the wire and strip each of them by 1/2 inch. Locate the low voltage terminal board with terminals labelled R, G, O, W1, W2, Y and C.

The exposed copper ends from each wire should be connected around the terminals as follows. The red wire connects to terminal R, the green wire to G, the orange to O, the white to W1 and the brown to W2. In addition, the yellow wire connects to terminal Y and the blue wire to terminal C. Terminate the end of each conductor at the corresponding terminal of the control device. Turn the power back on to test the heat pump.