How Do You Wire a Garage Door?

How Do You Wire a Garage Door?

Wiring a garage door is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project that includes installing an electrical box, connecting wires to the electricity outlet and the electrical box and attaching the electrical outlet. When working on any project that involves electricity, it is always the safest practice to shut off the power at the main breaker box before beginning.

In order to wire a garage door, use the following steps:

  1. Gather the tools needed and shut off the power supply
  2. Have the necessary tools on hand, including a stepladder, insulated electrical wire, conduit, electrical box and outlet, screwdriver, wire connectors and wire strippers. Shut off the power at the main breaker box to stop all flow of electricity to the area.

  3. Install electrical box and wiring
  4. Determine the location of the new outlet that is to be used for the garage door, preferably close to the garage door opener. Remove the existing outlet's cover, unscrew the screws and pull out the outlet. Transfer this housing to the new outlet location. Secure the electrical box onto a joist with the screws and install the conduit along the joists where the wires will connect. Run the electrical wiring through the conduit, stripping the last inch of wire to the copper. Attach the copper wires to the corresponding screws in the electrical box.

  5. Connect the door opener
  6. After the wiring is secure, push the wiring and outlet into the electrical box, attaching the outlet to the box with screws. Attach the faceplate and plug into the opener. Restore the electricity to the outlet and test for proper operation.