How Do You Wire an Electric Dryer?

How Do You Wire an Electric Dryer?

Those who have purchased a new electric dryer can wire it with a three- or four-prong dryer cord, adjustable wrench, magnetic nut driver and maybe some masking tape. Installing a new dryer cord should take less than an hour.

Before wiring the electric dryer, measure the distance from the dryer access panel to the wall outlet in order to find a cord that is the correct length. Also, make sure to note whether the outlet has three or four prongs. Check the dryer manual to ensure that it can be used with either three- or four-prong cords.

  1. Remove the access panel
  2. Unscrew the screw holding the access panel in place on the bottom backside of the dryer. Note whether the hook-up is configured for three or four wires. A three-wire hook up will have a thin copper ground strap that extends from the middle neutral connection to a small screw.

  3. Loosen the connection screws
  4. Use the wrench to loosen the connection screws that will hold the wires in place. If using a four-wire cord on a dryer with a three-wire connection configuration, loosen the neutral connection screw and the ground screw enough to remove the copper bonding strip. If the dryer's neutral wire is affixed to the ground screw, move it to the center neutral connection before placing the ground wire there for a four-prong connection.

  5. Attach the wires
  6. Slide the black wire into place under the far left connection screw and screw down. Slide the white wire into place under the middle connection and screw down. Slide the red wire into place under the far right connection and secure. If using a four-prong cord, slide the green ground wire under the green grounding screw. Replace the access panel.