How Do You Wire a CFCI Breaker?


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A GFCI, or ground fault breaker, is installed in a main breaker panel to prevent shock hazards along an electrical circuit. When doing electrical work, make sure the main breaker is turned off at the breaker panel.

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  1. Install the GFCI breaker

    Ensure that all power is turned off. With the GFCI breaker's handle in the off position, insert the breaker into the desired slot of the main panel. The terminals on the backside of the breaker connect to the main panel's bus bar.

  2. Connect the wires

    Connect the white pigtail wire of the GFCI breaker to the neutral bus bar within the main panel. Connect the white neutral wire from the circuit wire to the neutral terminal of the GFCI breaker. This terminal is marked with a white dot and is located directly above the white pigtail wire. Connect the black hot wire from the circuit wire to the load terminal of the GFCI breaker.

  3. Power the GFCI on and test

    Standing to the side of the main panel, turn the main breaker on. Turn the GFCI breaker on, making sure that the handle holds. Press the test button on the GFCI breaker. If it is connected properly, the breaker should trip, with the breaker handle clicking to the center tripped position. Switch the GFCI breaker back to the on position. This breaker should be tested on a monthly basis.

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