How Do You Winterize Outdoor Water Pumps?

Take steps to protect outdoor water pumps from winter weather. Allowing water to freeze in the pump causes damage that sometimes requires replacement. Protect water pumps by draining and moving them inside until the danger of freezing temperatures has passed.

  1. Disconnect the power

    Most outdoor pumps use a simple plug to provide power. Remove the plug from the outlet before servicing.

  2. Disconnect hoses and drain the pump

    Remove the hoses from the pump and allow water to drain. This is also a good time to drain any fountains of all water to prevent the growth of algae.

  3. Clean the pump

    Use a garden hose to clean the pump of all dirt and debris. Inspect the inlet and outlet for algae or other materials, and remove before storage.

  4. Store the pump out of the weather

    The best place for storage is inside a garage or basement. The pump remains warm enough that any residual water will not freeze. Moving the pump inside protects it from the UV rays that cause damage to plastic parts.

  5. Protect the water feature

    The design of many features allows you to take them apart for storage when not in use. Consider moving all the parts inside to prevent damage from the freezing of accumulated rainwater.