How do you winterize outdoor faucets?


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Outdoor faucets can be winterized by turning off the water supply to the outside faucets every fall season. Extreme winter temperatures can freeze the water inside the faucets and damage the pipe system. In some cases, the pipes can burst, causing water damage to the property or home.

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Outdoor water faucets can be winterized using pliers, a container or bucket and insulated covers, which are optional. Follow the steps below to ensure that there is no trapped water inside the faucets and that they are shut off properly.

  1. Locate all outside faucets and their corresponding valves
  2. Determine where all the outside faucets are located, and then locate their inside shut-off valves, which have similar handles. The inside valves may be painted different colors and have caps for excess water drainage from the outside faucets.
  3. Turn off inside valves
  4. Close the inside valves by turning them clockwise, and drain the water by opening the caps with a pair of pliers. Catch the excess water by placing a bucket or a container underneath. Replace the drain caps, making sure that they are secured; however, do not use pliers to overtighten them.
  5. Turn off outside faucets
  6. Close all outside faucets and install insulated covers for added optional protection.
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