How Do You Winterize a Motorhome?


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To winterize a motor home, drain the water from all water lines and tanks, remove in-line filters on the water lines, and circulate non-toxic antifreeze through the water system. Place all batteries on maintenance chargers, fill the mobile home with oil and fuel, and park in a protected location.

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How Do You Winterize a Motorhome?
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Before adding antifreeze, install a bypass kit on the hot water heater. If the RV is stored for the winter, remove the battery terminals, and clean the battery and terminals with a mixture of baking soda and water. Do not allow the mixture to enter any battery openings while cleaning. Check the battery's water levels and charge every 45 to 60 days. If necessary, fill the battery with distilled water.

Before storing, fill the fuel tank completely, and pour a stabilizing additive into the fuel tank. Avoid starting the mobile home during the winter if possible. Park the mobile home on plyboard or another stable surface that is off the ground to maintain the integrity of the tires.

During the winter, rodents and other small animals may build nests in exposed openings. Make sure all coverings are in place, and check the motor home for nests in the spring. Remove any nests, and clean the affected area thoroughly to ensure the motor home operates properly.

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