How Do You Winterize an in-Ground Pool?

How Do You Winterize an in-Ground Pool?

Winterizing an in-ground pool requires draining all the water from the hoses, filters and other parts, using winterizing chemicals and then, covering the pool with a pool cover. The whole process should be done well before the temperatures drop to below freezing and done properly, this procedure can save time and money in the spring.

To winterize an in-ground pool, gather supplies, such as a pool cover, winterizing chemicals, an air compressor or shop vac and plugs for the skimmers.

  1. Backwash the filter
  2. Take the time to backwash the filter thoroughly. To do this, drain the filter tanks and leave the backwash valve open. If sand filters are present, simply unplug the drain plug and leave it off. Do not acid wash the filters while winterizing.

  3. Disconnect the pump and filter
  4. Make sure the pump is void of all water after disconnecting. Turn it upside down to remove all the water. If the pump has drain plugs, remove them. Store these parts in the pump basket.

  5. Drain the heater
  6. If the pool has a heater, drain it thoroughly. Use the shop vac or air compressor to remove all the water.

  7. Remove quick disconnect fittings
  8. Remove any fittings or unions at the pump site or the filter system.

  9. Remove the jet fittings
  10. Remove the entire jet fitting and skimmer baskets. Place these items with the other removed items to make finding them easier in the spring.

  11. Clean out the return jet pipes
  12. Blow out the return jet pipes and continue removing the water until air bubbles appear from the return jets within the pool.

  13. Blow out the skimmer and main dry line, if applicable
  14. Using the shop vac or air compressor, blow out the main dry line and skimmer to remove all traces of water.

  15. Tape up exposed pipes
  16. If there are any exposed pipes in or around the pool, tape them up with duct tape. Use as many layers of tape as necessary to prevent cracking.

  17. Remove any pool accessories
  18. Remove accessories such as floats, ladders, diving boards and rope from the pool.

  19. Use the winterizing chemicals
  20. Mix the winterizing chemicals according to the package directions. Mix to thoroughly combine. Pour the chemicals into the pool and test for pH and alkalinity. Adjust as needed to reach a pH level of between 7.2 and 7.6 and an alkalinity level of between 100 and 150 ppm. Adjust the chlorine level to at least 3.0 for the winter.

  21. Use the pool cover
  22. Place the pool cover on the pool. Make sure there are no holes. If holes are found, seal them up with heavy-duty duct tape or pool cover patch tape.