How Do You Winterize Geraniums?

How Do You Winterize Geraniums?

Winterize geraniums by digging up the plants prior to the first frost, repotting them, and trimming them back. Geraniums should winter in a spot with cool temperatures and abundant light and then repotted after the last frost.

Geraniums are perennials that can be kept alive all winter and replanted for multiple years. To winterize geraniums, follow the steps below.

  1. Dig up the plants
  2. Before the first frost, dig up the geraniums, being careful to avoid root damage while digging. Remove the root ball from the ground, brushing off the soil from the roots.

  3. Repot the plants
  4. Select a suitable container for the geranium. The container should be larger in diameter than the geranium's root ball and filled halfway with potting soil. Position the root ball in the container, and finish filling it with soil until soil reaches the geranium's bottom leaves.

  5. Trim the geraniums
  6. Trim back any stems to around two-thirds of their original length. Keep the soil moist all winter by watering.

  7. Choose an ideal environment for the geraniums
  8. Position the geranium in a cool spot with lots of light. When stored in a dim room, leave a lamp on continuously. Replant the geranium in the spring once any danger of frost has ended.