How Do You Winterize Begonias?


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Before the first freeze occurs, dig up begonia tubers, and let them dry indoors. Store the tubers in a box with peat moss, and keep them in a warm, dry area. Consider winterizing your tubers even if the winters are not cold, as they do rot with excessive moisture.

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  1. Remove the tubers

    In late fall or early winter, remove the begonia tubers when the leaves start to turn yellow. Use a trowel to loosen the soil around each begonia plant, and pull the tubers from the dirt.

  2. Dry the tubers

    Bring the tubers indoors, and keep them in a dry, shady area until the leaves are brittle, which takes about a week. Remove the dead foliage.

  3. Pack and store the tubers

    Put some peat moss into a box, and add the tubers. Do not put a lid on the box. Store the box in a dry room that stays about 55 F.

  4. Prepare the tubers for planting

    At the end of winter or early spring, the buds at the tops of the roots start to swell. When this occurs, plant the tubers in 6-inch pots under 1/2 inch of soil. Place the pots in a spot with indirect sunlight, and add water when the soil is dry to the touch. The tubers can be replanted when the danger of freezing has passed.

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