What Are Some Winter-Blooming Flowers?

What Are Some Winter-Blooming Flowers?

Winter-blooming flowers include snapdragons, pansies, Iceland poppies and primroses. These flowers are best for climates where freezing is infrequent and sun is plentiful, and they bloom in a variety of colors.

Iceland poppies are thin, moderate winter-friendly flowers that come in cream, white, salmon, pink and rose. They also come in orange and yellow. These flowers are fragrant and entice birds, butterflies and bees. Iceland poppies require full sun and moderate watering, and they tend to grow 1 to 2 feet tall.

Pansies are hardy plants that grow low to the ground in both solid and bi-color varieties. The flowers do best in full sun or partial shade with regular watering, and they usually are grown in areas that don't experience freezing. However, certain types of pansies, such as the ice pansy, have been bred to survive in light snow.

Snapdragons grow to heights that range from 6 inches to 3 feet and can stay healthy in frost. Full sun and frequent watering are required for the flowers, which come in most colors and start to die when the weather becomes hot. Taller varieties of snapdragons sometimes need stalking to prevent the plants from falling over.

Primroses are plants that thrive in cooler temperatures with full sun; however, as temperatures increase, the flowers require partial shade. These plants can tolerate transplantation in any stage of life and have been bred in a wide range of colors.