How Do Wine Refrigerators Protect Wine?


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Wine refrigerators protect wines by keeping them at the optimum temperature, allowing them to age under proper conditions and shielding them from unnecessary movement, light and breakage. They're an affordable alternative for those who don't have the budget for a wine cellar or have a large wine collection.

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Extreme temperature fluctuations can damage a bottle of wine and hamper its aging properly. A wine refrigerator will keep the bottles inside at a steady temperature, usually between 50°-59° Fahrenheit. Not only will the temperature protect the wine inside the bottle as it's stored, but the wine will also be at a desirable temperature when it's taken out to drink.

A wine refrigerator also stores wine at the proper humidity to help keep the cork wet, an advantage over storing wine in a regular kitchen refrigerator that limits humidity. Another advantage to a wine refrigerator over a regular refrigerator is that the wine won't experience the movement it would with the constant opening and closing of the door and the shuffling of items around.

Wine refrigerators, also sometimes called wine coolers, come in various sizes, from counter top models that hold half a dozen bottles to large wall-size refrigerators that hold hundreds of bottles of wine.

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