What Are Some Window Scarf Ideas?


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Window scarves can be layered, arranged asymmetrically or arranged to create a scalloped look along the top of the window. Adding hardware can improve the appearance of window scarves.

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To layer window scarves, use two or more scarves in the desired colors, and wrap the scarves around the curtain rod so that the fabric is evenly draped on both sides of the window. To create a draped look, use several scarves of varying lengths, and wrap the scarves around the curtain rod.

To create an asymmetrical look using window scarves, wrap the window scarves beginning at an off-center point in the fabric. Wrap the window scarves around the curtain rod in a loose, looping fashion to create a scalloped or draped look at the top of the window, or tightly wrap them at each corner of the curtain rod to create a single drape of fabric.

Decorative curtain rods and sconces, or curtain ties, are used to enhance the appearance of window scarves and can be found in department stores. When using sconces or loops to tie the curtains back, place the ties on both sides of the window at the same height from the floor and equal distances from the window frame.

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