What Are Some Window and Door Ideas for Sunrooms?


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Some sunroom window and door ideas include picture windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling with patio sliding doors, wall-length fixed Colonial windows with classic French doors, casement windows and full divided light windows. The later are windows divided with spacers or grids, breaking up a single pane of glass into several panes.

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Another window and door idea for a sunroom is a ceiling with divided light glass with parallel grids or dividers, fixed Colonial windows along the walls and French doors on one side leading outside. The sunroom and any plants receive plenty of light from the ceiling without adding extra heat from full-length windows. A homeowner can install fixed wall-length picture windows on the front and sides of the sunroom with a glass patio door. Although the roof is just a continuing downward slope from the front of the house, the large front windows provide plenty of light.

A homeowner can turn a sunroom into a extra living space with modest modified Colonial windows on the walls, meaning that only the top half portion of the windows contains the dividers, and blinds on the windows for especially hot or sunny days. Instead of a wall of fixed windows, a sunroom can have a wall of sliding Colonial doors. This gives the appearance of a wall of windows when closed, but the doors can be opened to extend the inside space for a party or family dinner.

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