What Is the Best Window Cleaner Solution Using Citrus Peels?


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Citrus peels steeped in vinegar makes the best cleaning solution. The peels from orange, lemons, limes or grapefruit left to steep for two weeks in a sealed jar of vinegar add a pleasant scent to the vinegar and boost its cleaning power.

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The cleaning solution requires a 2-quart Mason jar with citrus peels, topped off with vinegar. Once the jar is sealed tightly, the mixture can begin to steep. Variations of the recipe include adding herbs and spices to help cover the vinegar scent. Cloves or cinnamon complement an orange-based solution, and mint complements lemon.

After two weeks, the solution should be strained and then diluted by half with water and put in a spray bottle. The solution cleans most surfaces, but it is not safe for granite.

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