What Are the Wind Zone Ratings for Modular Homes in Florida?


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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires that modular homes be built to construction standards for three wind zones, with I being the least restrictive and III the most stringent. All Florida counties are rated in Wind Zones II or III, and modular homes must be built to the construction standards for the wind zone for the counties in which they are placed, with some exceptions, as of 2015.

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Florida has 67 counties, with 53 counties designated Wind Zone II, and 14 counties as Wind Zone III. Modular homes built to Wind Zone I standards cannot be initially sited in Florida. Based on Florida Statutes Section 723, if Wind Zone I modular homes are already in Wind Zones II or III, homeowners may move them to other locations in the same zones if they were forced to move because their original site was declared unsuitable, or due to foreclosures.

Homeowners can place modular homes built to Wind Zone II standards in Wind Zone II counties if the data plate on the home or other documentation proves it meets zone standards. They may not initially place Wind Zone II homes in Wind Zone III counties. Homeowners place Wind Zone II modular homes in Wind Zone III counties if they meet the standards of Florida Statutes Section 723. Wind Zone III modular homes can be initially sited, or re-sited, in Wind Zone II or III Florida counties, with proper documentation.

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