What Are Some Wild Bushes With Red Berries?


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Some wild bushes with red berries include pin cherries, nanking cherries, elderberries and black cap raspberries. Other shrubs that bear these fruits are bush honeysuckles, cranberries and thimbleberries.

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Pin cherries grow on tall shrubs growing wild in sunny areas. Nanking cherries have short stems and grow on large bushes with light green leaves. Elderberries are dark and can be eaten cooked, but are toxic when raw. Black cap raspberries are sometimes dark red, and the bush has few leaves. Bush honeysuckle has greenish-blue leaves and reddish-orange berries that grow in pairs. Cranberries are native to North America and often grow in bogs in the northeast part of the United States. Thimbleberries look like small raspberries growing on a shrub with large, soft leaves.

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