How Do You Find Wholesale Windows for Sale?


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Wholesale windows can be purchased directly from the window manufacturer or a distributor. A minimum quantity of windows may need to be ordered. Price breaks occur at certain quantity levels that vary based on the company.

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While some companies may state that they offer wholesale pricing, true wholesale pricing is typically only available to other businesses. An individual can sometimes get a better price than usual by purchasing many windows at once. A cash payment rather than financing the windows can also influence the price. Sometimes window companies, such as Anderson Windows, can help offer contractors and property developers a better price than typical retail pricing due to the size of the order and terms.

Receiving an order of windows sooner rather than later can result in a higher overall cost. A local window and glass retailer may be able to offer a cost very close to their own. Larger building supply stores can help source the best windows for a big project and tend to be able to offer lower pricing than smaller firms. Customers can contact a window manufacturer directly to inquire about the possibility of lower pricing for projects. Additionally, check with multiple window providers to compare pricing.

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