How Do You Whitewash Wood Kitchen Cabinets?


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To whitewash cabinets, remove the doors and the hardware, such as the drawer pulls, and clean the cabinets thoroughly. Strip the cabinets with a stripping agent, and sand the cabinets with medium-grit sandpaper until the surfaces are smooth. Combine 2 parts latex paint with 2 parts water to make the whitewash, and apply the whitewash with a wide brush. Allow the whitewash to dry, and apply a water-based sealant to the cabinet surfaces.

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Do not allow the whitewash or sealant to cover the installation holes for the hardware or cabinet doors. If whitewash or sealant covers an installation hole, use a pipe cleaner to remove it. Use a stripping agent that is recommended for the current finish. For instance, use a stain stripper if the cabinets are stained, or use a paint stripper to remove paint.

Apply the whitewash in the same direction as the wood grain to produce a smooth finish, or against the grain for a distressed appearance.

If desired, add a second and third coat of whitewash. Allow the whitewash to dry between coats, and allow the final coat of whitewash to dry before applying a water-based sealant. Allow the sealant to cure for the recommended amount of time before reassembling the cabinet doors and hardware.

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