How Do You Whitewash Pine?


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To whitewash pine furniture, prepare the work area, sand the pine, apply wood conditioner, and apply whitewash. Finally, apply two coats of water-based polycrylic to the pine.

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  1. Prepare the work area

    Choose a work area with good air circulation. Cover the floors and surrounding furniture with drop cloths.

  2. Sand the furniture

    Use a palm sander with a 120-grit disk to sand the pine. Use the same grit of sandpaper to sand hard-to-reach areas, and then use a tack cloth to wipe away sawdust.

  3. Apply wood conditioner

    To prevent blotches, apply a coat of wood conditioner using a high-quality paintbrush. Wait for the conditioner to dry according to the directions. Sand the furniture lightly, and wipe away the debris using a clean tack cloth.

  4. Apply the whitewash

    Apply the whitewash in the direction of the wood grain, using long strokes. Be sure to shake the can before application to combine the contents. Use a clean, fiber-free rag to wipe off excess whitewash. Let the furniture dry.

  5. Apply a polycrylic coat

    Sand the furniture lightly, and wipe it using a clean tack cloth. Apply a coat of water-based polycrylic. Allow the furniture to dry for 4 hours, and then sand it using 220-grit sandpaper. Wipe away the debris using a tack cloth.

  6. Apply the final polycrylic coat

    Use a high-quality brush to apply the final coat of polycrylic. Use even strokes along the grain, overlapping each stroke. Allow the furniture to dry and cure completely before using it.

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