How Do You Whitewash Furniture?


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Whitewash furniture by first preparing your selected furniture, such as a dresser. Next, water down paint, and roll it on. Finally, remove the paint with a sponge.

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  1. Prepare your furniture

    Use sandpaper to even out the furniture's surface. Depending on the look you want, you may apply a coat of primer.

  2. Paint your furniture

    Prepare the paint by mixing approximately two parts paint to one part water. To achieve the desired look, test the concoction on a scrap of wood. Add more paint or more water depending on the desired consistency. Next, use a paint roller to paint down the furniture. You may also use a paintbrush.

  3. Remove the paint

    With a sponge, quickly wipe the paint off in the direction of the wood grain. Paint the entire length of the surface rather than painting in chunks, and then remove the paint. Allow the first coat to dry, add a second coat and repeat the process. If you are painting a dresser, make sure to pull out all drawers and deal with them separately.

  4. Apply a finish

    After the paint is fully dry, add a protective finishing coat. Some experts recommend using Minwax water-based polycrylic protective finish in clear gloss.

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