How Do You Whitewash Clothing?

How Do You Whitewash Clothing?

How Do You Whitewash Clothing?

Whiten white clothing by soaking it in bleach and hot water. Dry them in natural sunlight. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide also whiten white clothing and can be used instead of bleach.

  1. Sort the laundry

    Separate white clothes from colored clothes prior to washing. Segregate very dirty white clothes from fairly clean ones. Sort out clothes based on the instructions on the care tags.

  2. Remove the stains

    Remove stains from white clothes before washing them. Apply a pre-treatment stick, liquid detergent or detergent powder and water directly to the stain. Allow the product to work on the stain for the amount of time specified in the product instructions.

  3. Use hot water

    Read the instructions on the care tags to make sure that the garments can be washed in hot water. Wash white clothing with hot water or adjust the temperature of the water according to the instructions prior to washing the clothes.

  4. Wash clothes with prints separately

    Wash white clothing with prints according to the instructions on the care labels. Add a color-catching product to the water to prevent the color from bleeding.

  5. Dry the clothing

    Ensure that white clothes are dried immediately after washing. Allow the clothing to dry in natural sunlight.