How Do You Whitewash Brick?

How Do You Whitewash Brick?

To whitewash brick, clean the brick's surface and any joining masonry, apply a watered-down latex paint onto the brick, then wipe down the brick to produce your desired look. The opaqueness of the white wash is determined by the ratio of paint to water that you use.

Remove any chipped masonry or dirt before you begin to paint to avoid an uneven application. Brick that has been waterproofed using a masonry sealer is less likely to receive paint.

For interior brick, use a white or off-white interior paint mixed with water. The paint is easily brushed on using a standard paintbrush. After painting a small section, wipe the painted brick with a rag until you achieve the desired transparency. You can employ a wiping or dabbing method with the cloth to produce differing effects. After whitewashing the area, allow the brick to dry completely and, if needed, apply additional paint.

Whitewash exterior brick using an exterior paint specifically formulated for exterior brick. Repeat the process described for interior brick. To ensure the longevity of a whitewash on exterior brick, consider coating the brick with a masonry sealer.

Exterior can also be whitewashed using a mixture of limestone and salt combined with water. Apply the mixture onto the brick, then let it dry.