What Is a Whitefly Control Treatment?


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Whiteflies can be controlled through a variety of methods that include spraying the infested leaves with garlic oil or insecticidal soap, placing sticky traps in common gathering areas, and spraying the insects with pyrethrin, an organic pesticide.

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Whiteflies can also be naturally controlled by strategically placing repellent plants such as French marigolds and calendula around the target plants. Planting flowers that attract whitefly predators such ladybugs, wasps and beetles can help to control current infestations and prevent recurrence.

Whiteflies can also be vacuumed directly off of plant leaves with mini dusters, but it is important for gardeners to take precautions to ensure the safety of the leaves. Notably, eucalyptus tea sprays and horticultural oil sprays also repel whiteflies.

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