How Do You Get White Out Off Clothes?

To remove Wite-Out from clothing, scrape the fabric with a spoon, saturate it with household lubricant, scrub it, rinse the fabric, blot the stain with acetone, and wash it with soap and water. This 30-minute process requires a spoon, a household lubricant, paper towels, a sponge, water, acetone, stain remover and soap.

  1. Scrape the stain

    Scrape the stain with the side of a spoon.

  2. Apply household lubricant

    Spray the stain with a household lubricant such as WD-40, rub the product into the stain with your fingers, and scrub both sides of the fabric with a dry sponge. Add more lubricant if the fabric begins to dry out during scrubbing.

  3. Blot the stain with acetone

    Rinse the fabric, and place several paper towels beneath the stained area. Moisten a folded paper towel with acetone, and blot the stain several times. Flip over the fabric, re-wet the paper towel, and blot the stain again.

  4. Wash the fabric

    Wash the fabric with warm water and mild liquid soap, and dry it according to the directions on the care label. If traces of the stain persist through washing, treat the fabric with stain remover, let the product work for the amount of time recommended on its package, and wash the fabric again.