What Is a White Orchid?

A white orchid is a flowering plant with white blooms that are sometimes fragrant. White orchids belong to the orchid family and are seen in varieties ranging from the popular phalaenopsis to the more rare paphiopedalum.

The phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, is the most popular orchid variety as it is easy to grow and blooms throughout the year. It blooms in a variety of colors, from pure white to unusual shades. The paphiopedalum, or lady's slipper orchid, is a favorite among white orchid lovers and is often referred to as the ultimate houseplant because of its ease of growth. Brassavola, another white orchid variety, is famed for its delightful fragrance that fills the room after sunset.

To extend the life of a white orchid bloom, place the plant in indirect light that ranges anywhere from bright to dim. Water the plant once in a week, and fertilize it once a month. When grown outdoors, white orchids are pollinated by moths and other night insects. They blend well with flowers of any color and are therefore popular in bouquets and flower arrangements.

White orchids are laden with symbolic meaning, are often associated with virility, beauty and refinement and stand as symbols of hope, purity and innocence.