How Does a Whirlpool Ventless Dryer Work?


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A Whirlpool ventless dryer works by sending air from moist clothes through a heat exchanger instead of venting the moisture outdoors. The exchanger cools the air and condenses the moisture, allowing it to flow out through a drainpipe or collect in a specially designed condensation tray.

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Each Whirlpool ventless dryer uses much the same mechanism as a standard laundry dryer. It pulls in air and heats it before sending it through the drum to collect moisture from the wet laundry inside the dryer. Whirlpool ventless models differ from standard laundry dryers in how they handle the moist air this creates. These models do not expel the moist air through a duct; they send it through a specially designed heat exchanger that cools the air rapidly, which condenses the humidity in the air into liquid water that runs into a drainage pipe or collects in a tray for later removal. The dried air then cycles back into the dryer, and the process repeats.

Whirlpool ventless dryers repeat the process of cycling air and condensing moisture many times during each load of laundry. Ventless dryers eliminate many of the common issues associated with drying clothes, including the accumulation of lint in ductwork.

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