Why Is a Whirlpool Oven Not Working After Cleaning?


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There are a number of reasons a Whirlpool oven may stop working after cleaning including a faulty door lock motor and switch assembly or oven control board. It also may stop working due to issues with the thermal fuse.

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The first thing that the owner of a broken self-cleaning oven should look for is a faulty door lock motor and switch assembly. All ovens of this type have a lock that prevents the oven from being opened during the cycle. Sometimes, however, the door lock motor and switch assembly can become stuck and cause the oven to not work. When this occurs, the door has to be manually unlocked or opened.

If the oven control board is the issue, it is likely that the problem comes from the heating components. If the oven control board is broken, it may not send power to the components, which causes the oven to not heat. This can be tested by measuring the voltage in the circuit. However, the board itself can typically not be tested, but must be replaced instead.

The thermal fuse may also cause an issue with a self-cleaning oven. When the oven heats up, it may trip the fuse. If this happens, and the fuse doesn't give off power, it needs to be replaced.

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