How Is the Whirlpool Duet Dryer Used?


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The Whirlpool Duet dryer is used by placing wet clothes into the dryer, closing the door, pushing the power button, turning the knob to select the cycle and pushing the start button. For optimal performance, people using the Duet dryer should ensure the lint trap is clear before each use.

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Whirlpool's Duet dryer have an Advanced Moisture Sensing system that uses three built-in sensors to monitor incoming and outgoing air temperature and moisture levels to save time, energy and prevent over-drying. The dryer also has a full LCD screen so that users can easily see how much time is left on the current drying cycle.

Duet dryers have four baffles that tumble clothes in a random pattern to speed up the drying process, as well as silent steel dryer drums that keep operational noises inside the machine. All Duet dryers have an Ecoboost option that conserves energy by lowering the amount of heat and lengthening the cycle time. The Duet electric dryers are Energy Star certified.

Some Duet dryers have a static reduce option that combines a spray of mist with tumbling once the load of laundry is dry. Other optional features include the Quick Refresh Steam Cycle and a full-color display panel.

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