What Is a Whirlpool Duet Appliance?


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Whirlpool Duet appliances are paired front-loading washers and dryers that offer plenty of automated features. Duet dryers include both gas and electric models, and all Duet appliances are Energy Star certified.

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Multiple wash cycles, spin speeds, temperature selections and dirt levels let users customize each cycle in a Duet washer, while Duet dryers use moisture-sensing technology to stop the dryer automatically once the items inside are dry. These appliances all feature knobs on the front top panel to choose the type of cycle and push-button controls to adjust other parameters.

The front-loading washers in the Duet line, are high-efficiency washers, so they use less water and spin faster than traditional top-loading washers. Duet washers also feature precision detergent dispensing, so they automatically measure out the precise amount of liquid detergent needed at different points in the wash cycle and move it from the detergent compartment to the main drum where the clothing is located.

Whirlpool Duet appliances come in color options such as chrome steel and white. They feature modern styling. These appliances are available through major retail stores, including Sears and Home Depot. Pedestals and stacking kits are available for Duet washer and dryers to let users configure the appliances as desired.

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