How Do You Get a Free Whirlpool Dryer Manual?

How Do You Get a Free Whirlpool Dryer Manual?

Free dryer manuals are available from the Whirlpool website as of 2015. Enter the dryer's model number to access the appropriate manual in either English or Spanish.

From the Whirlpool home page, select Service & Support from the navigation bar. Click on Manuals & Literature. Have the model number for your dryer available. Whirlpool dryers display the model number inside the dryer door, on the rim.

Enter the model number in the search box, and select the link on the results page to view the manual in either English or Spanish. Depending on your browser settings, the manual either appears in your browser window or downloads to your computer as a PDF file.

The Service & Support area of Whirlpool's website also lets you register your product, look up recall information, schedule service and repairs, get product help and order extended service plans or replacement parts. You can find manuals for other Whirlpool appliances on the website as well, including washers, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Whirlpool manufactures a variety of dryers to meet residential laundry needs. Models are available in gas or electric and in compact, medium, large or extra-large capacities. Whirlpool makes high-efficiency or traditional dryers as well as washer-dryer combinations, and different models feature settings such as wrinkle prevention and an advanced moisture sensing system.